Cornerstones – Lawn Care-Specific Content

Lawn Care-Specific Content is Critical to Your Success

We all know website content drives search engines, prospects and customers and lawn care specific content will make you more visible.  Did you know that picking the right “cornerstone” content is just as critical?  Well, we do and we’ll create your content structure around these key pieces of content to, as we always say, make you local famous.

How Are Cornerstone Articles Chosen?

We always want to focus on the four or five pages we would really like someone to read when they first come to your site. While many lawn care service companies have many things in common, they are definitely not the same and absolutely can’t be marketed that way! Maybe for you its lawn care, snow management and landscaping, maybe for someone else its pest management, weed management and fertilization. We’ll work with you to make sure that your strengths are your lawn care specific cornerstone content.

Why Are These Cornerstones So Important?

With so much content on the web today and growing at a crazy rate, it can be hard to rank for popular search terms.  Cornerstones helps tackle those competitive search terms by telling Google and the other search engines what of your content is the most important.  Think of it like a pyramid, we put the most important information at the top.

Steps to Cornerstone Maximization

  1. Identify keywords (the lawn care services that are your strengths)
  2. Use content crafted to meet the needs of search engines, potential customers and existing clientele. — Don’t worry, we’ve got this one for you!
  3. Use long-tail variants to increase the value of your cornerstone content.  We’ve got this one too!


Site structure and lawn care specific content is critical for the success of your website, marketing efforts and ultimately, your lawn care business. It means the search engines love your site and, just as importantly, visitors do too.


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