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Engaging social content can drive leads

Social media platforms, like every other way people consume entertainment and information, has a place in a marketing plan. Most all of your lawn care clients are on Facebook (even if they won’t admit it), some younger ones may be on Instagram, SnapChat and TikTok. Regardless of the platform, unfortunately, you’ll only be able to reach a small percentage of your followers unless you’re able to create amazing, sharable content.

Facebook is still the leader

Maximizing organic reach requires consistent, engaging content

Generally, lower cost services such as lawn mowing, maintenance and snow removal do great via social media, especially when you’re able to offer a great promotion to grab potential clients’ attention. It’s also a great place for fun video content showing how much more they can enjoy life if they let you handle the regular maintenance of their yard. Don’t ever forget you’re selling time!  Time for them to do other things besides maintain their lawn.

Managing social media well takes time

See what we did there? We’ll save you time, energy and make sure its right!

Social media, when done correctly with a partner like us, can both be cost effective, drive conversations and free up your time to focus on more profitable tasks like closing new clients, managing your team and identifying new opportunites.  We work with you to create content that fits your brand and voice, manage the content calendar, integrate your social shares with new content on your website and ways you’re different than your competition.

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